February 14

Arnold J. Kemp’s one-act play February 14 / Febrero 14 published in both Spanish and English. Includes documentation of the play’s debut performance and Kemp’s solo exhibition When The Sick Will Rule The World at Biquini Wax EPS in Mexico City in 2017, also, an introductory text written by the poet, fiction writer, and New Narrative theorist Robert Glück.

"Kemp’s drama unfolds in an art world of widespread abuse and exploitation, and more particularly the damage a certain Celebrity Photographer wreaks on her staff. Reader, who inspired the intolerable Liliana Bautista Cruz? I believe Kemp worked for a Celebrity Photographer—I wonder who it was? Certainly Benjamin, the beleaguered studio manager, is Kemp himself. I wonder if it was easier for him to address his trauma in a different language and culture?... …The story unfolds: The erratic Liliana Bautista Cruz declines to pay her assistants so they must fashion survival strategies--including theft in the currency of drugs, art and money. Now Liliana must turn up for an important interview to be conducted by the intellectual star, Guadalupe Arroya. How important?—the interview reveals hidden identities and sexual mayhem worthy of a telenovela." - Robert Glück

8.5 x 5.25 in (21.59 x 13.34 cm)
42 black and white pages, perfect bound, softcover.
Edition of 150. Each hand-numbered. Signed copies available, inquire through the gallery.
ISBN: 978-1-64316-873-9
Design: Jacob Bennett.
All images courtesy of Arnold Kemp Studio and Biquini Wax EPS Mexico City.
Published 2021 by M. LeBlanc, Chicago