Black & White

Collaborations, Copenhagen, DK
27. April - 30. June 2023

We are proud to present a group of artists from different parts of the world, including Iran, France, Ivory Coast, USA, Denmark, and Korea, who explore the idea of the colorless in their practice. The exhibition includes a range of artistic interpretations of this theme, and we are proud to include both internationally recognized artists and qualified Danish representation.

Black and white are not colors since colors are fundamentally just light, and when light is not reflected but absorbed, we are left with an absence of color, which we call black. A very important nothing. White is the sum of all colors and cannot be considered one color in itself. A very important everything.

Therefore, black and white are not colors in the traditional sense but rather absence and the sum of colors.

Of course, any tone between black and white is not a color, but rather a shade.

Nevertheless, black and white look good together, and this relationship is just as cool and fundamental in our inherited aesthetic approach to visual communication as any real color combination out there.

When we work with black and white, we don’t need to use colors at all.

By keeping the story simple and portraying it exclusively through paintings created by some of the most daring and intelligent “colorless artists,” we hope to engage Copenhagen in a visually stunning and intellectually challenging exhibition about nothingness, everything, and everything in between.